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Trey & Dolan

Duration: 32 min 6 sec min | Released: July 25, 2009

I've been waiting to show you guys this video all week � well actually, since I filmed it a few weeks back. I've been wanting to do something a little more on the kinky side for a while now, but I just hadn't found the right pairing of men. A few months ago, when Dolan squatted on a huge dildo in Dirty Hairy Man, I knew that I had found one part of the couple. A few weeks later when I stumbled upon sexy redhead Trey, I achieved my kinky coupling. Dolan definitely likes things a lot closer to the edge than many of us. When he told me that he loves extreme ball play, my wheels started turning. The men started off this video wearing rubber gas masks. They're looking pretty hot in their rubber shirts and chaps, but our imaginations are left to run wild with those masks. Who are these men? Are they hot? Trey hauls Dolan's cock and balls out of his rubber jockstrap and begins tapping Dolan's big balls with his hand. The taps get harder and Dolan grunts and groans his way through the ball beating. But his cock is getting harder and stiffer, so it's clear that he really loves the rough-handling cock and ball play. When his cock is swooping upwards in a strong banana curve, there's no doubt that Dolan is turned on. Trey turns his attention to Dolan's erection. He swats it with his open hand, and for a time, even gently kicks it with his boots. When the masks come off, Dolan gets on his knees and feasts on Trey's delicious uncut cock. And when leather man Trey has had enough of Dolan's mouth, he puts the hairy man in a barber's chair and gets started on a heavy ass play session. What a hot fuck scene! And judging by the volumes of cum squirting out of these two dicks, these men had a very, very good time.

Cast: Trey, Dolan Wolf

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