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Thierry Lamasse & Jorge Ballantinos

Muscle hunk Jorge finds himself all alone one night. He gets online and starts hunting for some cock. He's thrilled when he gets a message from Master Lamasse. The Master sends Jorge a note: "Leave the door open. You will be blindfolded. You will be on your knees. You will be naked apart from a jock." And after Jorge replies back his intentions to comply, the Master adds, "And lube your hole." Wow! What a hot fucking scene. Jorge can't believe his luck. He's dreamed of doing a blindfold scene for a long time. The thought of not knowing who is shoving their cock in your face really turns him on. He's getting hard just thinking about what's about to happen. When Master Lamasse arrives Jorge is kneeling in the middle of the room, wearing only a jockstrap and a blindfold. His muscular body is superb. The Master is dressed all in black, but he's not wearing leather. He's smoking a cigarette and leans over to blow smoke in Jorge's face. After finishing his cigarette, Lamasse pushes his jockstrapped bulge into Jorge's face. He lets him breath in his muskiness and makes his chew on his bulge. Then Lamasse face fucks Jorge with his big, meaty uncut cock. What a hot chuck of dick! Jorge devours every inch of it; he's a superb cock sucker and really has no trouble handling this beautiful, huge dick. When Lamasse's dick has had enough of Jorge's mouth, he puts the muscle man down on all fours and fucks him hard. After a long, punishing fuck, Jorge spews his load all over the floor and then takes his Master's load all over his face and chest. The Master stuffs his cock back inside his jock, gets dressed, and leaves Jorge to clean up his own mess. Hot!

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