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D.I. Sweeney - The Diamond Smuggler

D.I. Sweeney (played by Dillon Buck) is making his debut on Butch Dixon, and as you'll see, this detective always gets his man! Con man Ulysse is hauled into the interrogation room for a round with D.I. Sweeney. The cop knows that Ulysse has stolen thousands of dollars worth of diamonds, and he's hiding them somewhere. Sweeney decides there's one place left to look, so he pulls Ulysse's pants down, gloves up, and greases the con man's butt hole. But after a thorough and deep anal search, the copper is still coming up empty. As Sweeney demands to know where Ulysse's has stashed the diamonds, he suddenly notices that Ulysse's is holding onto his cock pretty tightly. You won't believe where Ulysse's been hiding them. With the diamonds recovered, this con man needs to be punished, so Sweeney rams his huge, 9.5 inch cock down Ulysse's throat. After a long and punishing oral scene, Ulysse is parked on the table and Sweeney fucks his criminal ass. I love listening to Ulysse moan and groan and dirty talk through his thick Italian accent. When Dillon Buck first slides his stiff cock into Ulysse's ass, the con man says, "Oooooh, it's big!" And it certainly is. Get ready for 30 mintues of the sweatiest, hardest suck and fuck scene you've seen all year! And Dillon Buck shoots a geyserous load of cum all over his hairy torso with Ulysse watching in amazement. It's fucking hot!

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