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Kyle & Alan

Young cub Kyle Lewis opens the door. His sexy, bearded landlord is standing there in trousers and a shirt and tie and looking quite sexy. "I'm here to pick up the rent," Alan Knight says. "I don't have it," Kyle says, inviting the landlord in. Kyle doesn't know when he's going to have the rent. So Alan says he knows how Kyle can make up for it. Yeah, yeah, I know ... it's not the most creative set-up for a fuck scene. But sometimes you've just got to go with the simplest way in, especially when you're more anxious to see a hot hairy man like Alan Knight boning ass.Alan pushes Kyle to his knees and the young guy starts sucking Alan's big, uncut cock. It's already pretty hard before Kyle even gets his mouth around it. Kyle's doing a pretty good job, he's a good cocksucker, but Alan holds his head and slides his stiff dick all the way down his throat. "Yeah, suck it boy!" He growls. Kyle continues blowing his landlord; his slurping is punctuated by the odd "Come on, boy, suck my cock," or "Do you like my dick?" Kyle obviously likes it, he's got spit running down his chin. Alan even adds a bit of his own and spits in Kyle's face.After a long blowjob, Alan turns Kyle around and starts rimming his ass. Once he gets it good and slippery, he slides his cock inside and starts fucking him. He pounds Kyle's ass for a few minutes, then Alan sits on the floor, leaning against the wall, and Kyle lowers himself onto Alan's hard cock. Kyle rides Alan's dick vigorous. When Alan is ready to spill his load, Kyle lies back on the floor. Alan holds Kyle's head and splatters his creamy load all over Kyle's face. As Kyle catches his breath, Alan gets dressed. He walks over Kyle, leans down to kiss him and lick up some of his own spunk, then he starts to leave. He stops and says, "That was good for 50 quid. I'll be back for the rest next week."

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