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Harley & Justin

Sometimes when I meet a guy my mind starts to run ahead as I'm mentally pairing him up and imagining the hot scenes we're gonna shoot. That's what happened when Justin King came in for his first ever porn shoot; we're chatting away and I'm thinking 'Harley Everett, leather, sling...' and the finished video exceeded even my dirty imagination. Harley's the current reigning king of porn over here and I've been lucky to have captured some of his finest moments for both Butch Dixon and UKNM. This massive guy's a phenomenon, never failing to put on an eye-popping performance. His big-headed cock shoots legendary loads and guys are queuing to 'work' with him. Justin's fast making a name for himself, the perfectly-toned personal trainer has a naturally furry body and a full beard, he can ride a cock for hours, using his muscular bubble-butt to milk it dry, so this pairing was a must-have for my members. Aren't they lucky?

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