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Luke Ward & Rico Fatale

Duration: 20:26 min | Released: August 26, 2017

Rico Fatale has got a taste for beef, so his eyes were out on stalks ( along with his manhood) when he saw Luke Ward, BOING! These guys were like rabid dogs, licking, sucking and of course lots, and lots and lots of raw, skin-on-skin bareback fucking. Rico didn't need to drop to his knees, handsome horny Luke just lay back with his throbbing gristle on magnificent display as Rico held onto one of his huge thighs and slurped on that uncut meat as if his life depended on it. Luke appreciates a talented cock-sucker and was rigid like an iron poker by the time Rico lifted his slobbering chin and presented his sweet, sweaty hole for that throbbing cock. Rico straddled and slowly lowered himself onto the bulbous head, feeling the wet helmet push against the opening to his fuck-tunnel, stretching, squeaking, enveloping and accepting as Luke's eyes roll and he groans in ecstasy!


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