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Jonathan Miranda and Alton Red

ahhh Fetish clubs, remember them? They'll soon be open again, and just imagine all that pent up sexual energy, up the walls - splattered on the ceiling, slippery under foot!!! There's gonna be some steamy times when this confinement is over. Here's an artists impression of what might be going on - Jonathan Miranda, thick-dicker, smoking hot cutie is getting down and getting all the way UP sweet, butted, super-handsome Alton red, and when Jonathan gets in there, he's right up to his bollocks in that sweet, bareback fuck-hole. Alton's a pushy bottom, that tight fuck-chute is pressing back for every throbbing inch of dark, hot, raw dick. We're right in there for every ripple of Alton's sphincter. The smell of sweat and spunk is intoxicating, but we keep a steady hand as the furious fucking builds to a shuddering, splattery, steamy, spunky climax!

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