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Big Tattooed Fuckers

Duration: 42 min 3 sec min | Released: December 2, 2013

We love those tattooed lover boys, that perfect mix of bad boy and vain boy. Tattoos always used to be the domain of criminals and sailors, street boys and rough trade, now we see them stretched over the bulging biceps and broad chests of Harley Everett, Gio Cruz and Issac Jones. Of course those straight lads are still in on the act, Billy Essex, Andy Lee and Paul Walker are added to our rogues gallery. Our big-dicked, uncut studs, strip off and give us a tour of their inked bodies, intimate tattoos, tribal tattoos, big projects and just cute ones, what better excuse for an intimate exploration of a naked man's hot body?

Cast: Robin Fanteria, Lucio Saints, Marc Angelo, Billy Essex, Harley Everett, Matteo Valentine, Gio Cruz, Jake Bolton, Issac Jones, Seth Wilkins

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