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Alexis Clark and Leo Grin

Autumn has landed with a wet splat, in the middle of a pandemic, what are we to do? Lets cuddle up with our fantasy men - especially when they're stunning newbies Leo Grin and Alexis Clark, hot hot hot Latino studs, all uncut, all hairy, all beefy and of course all bareback! Leo Grin is a burly, hirsute otter up for fun, a power bottom with a taste for foreskins and jizz - ' i think we can help you there sir'. Leo can't wait to get down on his knees and service Alexis' big, thick, veiny dick. That's a mouthful, but Leo's a game boy eyes are bigger than his cuddly belly, so that cock becomes a throat full, sliding deep down, rigid and bloated until Alexis can wait no longer and turns his passionate sub boy around to spit slick his fuck-hole and slide that beaut right up to his groaning balls in Leo's tight hole !

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